our mission

Climate change is everyones responsibility but it is frustrating that many ‘green, sustainable’ products come with a higher price tag. At Two Drifters we firmly believe in making a product that tastes amazing, actively helps the planet and is affordably priced. Only then will consumbers be able to make a difference to climate change without breaking the bank.

Russ had spent many years working on different carbon utilisation techniques when we decided to open the brewery and distillery. From the outset, the vision was always to go further than an environmentally friendly building and general sustainability. We knew we would have to go further and become carbon negative. Our drive being that if we can do it, why can’t other smaller businesses?

Infographic Climeworks CarbFix Context Info.JPG

how we do it

Firstly, our building (and all equipment) is run off 100% zero emission energy. It was easy to find renewable energy but, more often than not, this meant burning biomass (considered sustainable) which has a CO2 emission associated with it, but we are firmly zero emission.

Secondly, we have a 100% electric van to do all of our deliveries and this is charged at the brewery, so zero emissions for charging as well. We deliver all over Devon & Cornwall and for further afield deliveries, we use DPD who are carbon neutral (

Thirdly, carbon emissions from production, manufacturing and transportation of ingredients are offset using Direct Air Capture. Russ has worked out the carbon emissions for cultivating barley, the malting process, packaging, waste disposal and all associated transportation. We then work in partnership with Climeworks ( to remove CO2 from air, making us carbon negative, as we remove more than we should.

In addition to all of this, we use biodegradable can holders, we cycle to work, we are purchasing clothing merchandise made from recycled plastic and we use biodegradable tasting glasses, even our business cards are made from recycled t-shirts - and all of this is just the start!